• Apply ISL-10C sealant directly to porosity by brush or spray.
  • ISL-10C naturally penetrates (see video).
  • Sealant cures inside pores at room temperature.
  • Castings can be leak tested after 30 minutes.

Supplied to OEM's and restorers of classic vehicles to seal leaking engines, gearboxes etc.

  • Surface residue can be wiped away.
  • Not hazardous and solvent free.
  • Single part sealant, no mixing.
  • Excellent temperature and chemical resistance.

Birmingham University Impregnation Sealant Test Report (extract):

“In order to be an effective sealant in metal castings the samples must display good wettability, in the form of a low contact angle, and have a low surface tension to enable penetration into the cracks. From the samples tested, which included both thermal and anaerobic curing impregnation sealants, ISL-10C was shown to be the most promising with the lowest contact angle, fastest flow rate and lowest surface tension.”

High surface wetting of 10C compared to a standard vacuum impregnation sealant

Photo shows the high surface wetting of 10C compared to a standard vacuum impregnation sealant. The very low surface tension of 10C spreads 4 x that of the vacuum impregnation sealant (from the same initial droplet size and after 2 minutes on an aluminium plate)


Different viscosities of Porosity Sealant are supplied for sealing micro and macro porosity in metal castings.

Porosity Sealant Thin
Porosity Sealant Medium
Porosity Sealant Thick

The sealants are single pack (no mixing) and will cure in the metal substrate in less than 30 minutes at room temperature. Excess sealant can be wiped away before curing. In the fully cured state the sealants are resistant to heat, vibration and a wide range of acids, caustics, solvents and hydrocarbons.

Sealant Liquid Properties

Viscosity @ 25°C10, 15, 500 & 2500 mPas
Specific Gravity @ 25°C1 - 1.1 g/ml
Flash Point100°C
Shelf Life 25°C 1 Year

Sealant Cured Properties

Handling Cure Time5-10 Minutes
Functional Cure Time30 Minutes
Full Cure Time4 Hours
Temperature Range-50 to +200°C

The sealants are manufactured to ISO/TS16949 International Standard for Automotive Quality Management Systems.

A guide to selecting the right sealant for the size of the porosity and leak rate

Porosity Size Recommended Porosity Sealant
0-40µm, invisible to the naked eye 10C Super Penetrating sealant
40-100µm pin hole 15C Thin sealant
100-300µm 500C Medium sealant
>300µm 2500C Thick sealant

The smallest leak rate could look like a fine stream of bubbles, thread like, in an air under water test, or a very slow weep on a hydrostatic test. The largest leak rate is a gusher.

Leak rates are dependent on the pressure and media used i.e. compressed air or water.

Porosity is random in nature with the size and shape varying through its path, as such the above recommendations are only a guide.

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