About Impregnation Solutions

Impregnation Solutions Ltd was founded by Paul Young in 2016. Paul is the third generation of the Young family that first introduced casting impregnation in the UK in the 1940's and has over 35 years' experience in all aspects of the impregnation process, including research and development, chemical formulations, equipment design and manufacture and hands-on experience in operating impregnation jobshops. Paul is also a shareholder of Midland Impregnations Ltd.


  • 1945

    Percy Young starts Industrial Impregnations Ltd

  • 1950

    World 1st: Industrial Impregnations develop polyester resin system for casting impregnation

  • 1967

    Peter Young (Percy's son) starts Ultraseal Ltd (Ultraseal International Ltd)

  • 1976

    World 1st: Peter develops the 'PC504 Methacrylate Sealant and System', which is patented and supplied worldwide, setting the standard for today's technology

  • 1976-79

    Peter's sons, Stephen, Michael & Paul, join Ultraseal

  • 1987-92

    World 1st: Peter develops Top Load/Front Load MX Rotational Impregnation equipment, including the Caskade wash system

  • 1989

    World 1st: Peter develops MX Recycling Sealant and System

  • 1993

    Paul Young starts MecWash Systems Ltd

  • 1998

    Peter Young and sons start MX Systems Ltd

  • 2002

    World 1st: MX Systems develop the 'Auto-Seal' Twin Chamber Impregnation System, the first two-step impregnation process

  • 2014

    Midland Impregnations Ltd formed by Paul Young & Chris Arrowsmith of Midland Deburr & Finish Ltd.

  • 2016

    Paul Young starts Impregnation Solutions Ltd to develop alternative methods of impregnation and launches the Spot-Seal Selective Impregnation Gun and range of Sealants.